About Maiko

The word ‘maiko’ literally means “dance child” and it refers to an apprentice geisha.

Traditionally, maiko is a girl aged between 15-20 years who strives to become an accomplished geisha.

The white make-up, elaborate kimono and hair of a maiko are the popular image held of geisha. Maiko is also a feminine Japanese given name.

About Maiko Sushi

Maiko Sushi is a newly opened sushi bar and restaurant in Kosice City Centre located in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.

This uniquely designed sushi bar and restaurant offers the best of high quality freshly made sushi prepared by excellent skilled master chef allowing our valued customers to experience the taste of real Japanese food.

Maiko Sushi is proud to present sushi made of truly fresh fish that will satisfy even the greatest gourmet.

You can enjoy a wide range of freshly prepared sushi, soups and noodles in a stylish atmosphere of the Maiko Sushi Bar and Restaurant served by our great staff or simply order from our menu by telephone or online to get their sushi delivered right at their home.    

About Maiko team

Maiko Sushi team consists of Asian cuisine professionals who gained their experience from prominent sushi master chefs educated directly in Japan.

Maiko Sushi is a restaurant, whose main goal is to bring the taste of Asian culture in a modern style right on your plate. We believe that after two years of existence we pleased many people who love this infinitely diverse cuisine. We constantly work on adding new meals to our menu in order to turn your visits into an adventure. The biggest advantage of Maiko Sushi are fresh ingredients, the most necessary part of quality Asian cuisine.
We are trying our best to fulfill all your needs and wishes. It makes us happy to see that you like our meals and you keep coming for more. We are also proud to be part of your family celebrations and company parties as a catering provider. 
Your satisfaction is our biggest reward. 
We are happy to serve you in our restaurant or bring you your favorite meals to your homes or work.